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This is my “farewell” post for J.R.LIGGETT’S Blog!  I may be moving on but you’ll always be able to find J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar and his entire line of 100% natural body products at .

From the first day I came aboard for J.R.LIGGETT in March of 2010 with “J.R.LIGGETT’S Soap Box”, “J.R.LIGGETT’S Interview“, and lastly, “J.R.LIGGETT’S Blog”, it’s been a fun and exciting road to travel. Through interviews, articles, stories and photos, I’ve learned how “You” felt about this terrific product and how you’ve shared your admiration of the shampoo bar with others. 

To all of J.R.LIGGETT’S Blog “followers”, and those who have left comments and shared posts, Thank you!  Here’s to travel and adventure…

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Moving On

My siblings and I are clearing out my Dad’s house. Dad has moved and the house contains so much stuff… drawers and cabinets filled with near-ancient things, closets full of clothing and shoes, newspaper clippings, books, photos.  We’re coming across things from years back that he has used practically forever; amazingly, most things still function, although a lot worse for the wear. We’re sharing stories and laughing about private family jokes; it’s a time for transition and reflection, looking at what works in life and what doesn’t.  One thing for sure, Dad didn’t spend money on fancy gadgets, he kept things simple. If it performed well and got the job done, there was no use chucking it.

As we have sorted through, we found a slide ruler, and I called dibs on Dad’s old wooden folding “tape” (I always wanted to play with it when I was a kid, but I knew I’d best leave it alone for fear of breaking).  And then the kitchen ware; we found tried and true cast iron skillets, dishes that have stood the test of time and are now “collectables”, real silverware, old tea kettles, a simple ice cream scoop, a hand-powered juicer, and oh my gosh, even a wooden washboard and wash tub–no thank you, I’ll take my modern washer and dryer.

But you know, even though things have changed, these precursors to “modernity” assisted in a job well done.  The reasons were quality, function, design, appearance… a complete “package” of sorts that simply did what it was designed to do. Yeahthat’s where I’m headed… J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar.  An old-fashioned concept wrapped up in a modern package.  A well-designed, well thought out product that fills the bill, that gets the job done without a lot of bells and whistles.  Not a lot of fanfare or fancy foot-work, just a down to earth shampoo that makes it happen.  That’s all it needs to do!  Leaves your hair clean, shiny and healthy without added strange, unpronounceable chemicals. Doesn’t harm the environment, no plastic bottle to add to the landfill, easy to transport, mild enough for a body soap, shaving cream, wash out a garment, wash up a dish…

J.R.LIGGETT’S has withstood the test of time.  And even though this shampoo bar could stand chest puffed out and all proud and smug-like, it’s really not necessary, cause quality stands for itself–it makes it own statement;  it just keeps on keepin’ on… 

We could have found a bar of J.R.LIGGETT’S amongst Dad’s stuff (actually, I found two bars that I had sent him), because you don’t throw out something that works… You keep it, you use it, and you tell others about it… just like I’m doing. Will you tell others too?

Joy Richter                                                                                 ©copyright 2012 J.R.LIGGETT LTD

The photo above:  No, not Dad’s house.  Located in the Mira Valley, outside Ord, Nebraska. I’ve passed by this house for years and finally stopped and nabbed some shots.

Heads-Up! J.R.LIGGETT’S Newest Creation!

Announcing J.R.LIGGETT’S  newest addition to a fantastic line of all natural shampoo bars… Virgin Coconut & Argan Oil Shampoo Bar! Recently unveiled at Salt Lake City, Utah’s Outdoor Retailer Show, this shampoo bar features organic, luscious, moisturizing, sweet-scented, delicious Virgin Coconut Oil (but please, don’t eat the bar!).  Sweet-smelling coconut oil keeps  hair strong, vitalized, moisturized, and is an excellent microbial agent.  Vitamin E protects your hair from the effects of aging and keeps your scalp healthy. Plus, the fatty acids in coconut oil serve as very good anti-dandruff agents–far superior than any anti-dandruff shampoo you may find on the market.

And Argan Oil!  I’d never heard of this before, but when I started digging through the information, wow– this stuff is fantastic!  No wonder J.R. wanted to give us one more shampoo bar option to rave about!  Argan oil gives new life to dry, tangled, fly-away hair.  Extracted by hand from the nut of the Argan tree which is found mostly in Morocco, it has been found to be far superior to Jojoba oil for a hair treatment, and has its own dramatic enhancing performance properties.  Check it out: 

  • Argan oil stops the curliness and roughness of hair in an efficient way by penetrating  into the hair pores or shafts, thereby increasing elasticity.
  • Hydrates your hair and nourishes hair growth.
  • Good for uncontrollable, curly, and unmanageable hair as it restores smoothness.
  • Natural antioxidants present in Argan Oil strengthen the hair by repairing  the damaged cellular membrane of your hair.
  • The presence of Vitamin E in Argan Oil makes it a tremendous agent for hair damaged by heat, over-styling, and repairs hair traumatized by chemicals used in perms and hair coloring. 
  • Non-greasy Argan Oil locks in moisture and restores luster and shine.  Oh yeah!

You know from past experience that J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bars deliver! All natural, using only edible oils, no animal testing, containing no animal products, biodegradable, handmade in the U.S.A., multi-tasking abilities, good for you and the environment… just plain old “spot-on” when it comes to what we need and want!

Even though summer might be a fading memory, just a sniff of coconut takes you back to warm breezes and tropical memories… Argan oil transports your senses to another wonderful, calm, location; a whole-body experience… try it today… J.R.LIGGETT’S has made it easy and simple… it couldn’t happen any other way.

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Back to School… Take Action Now!

It’s not a pleasant subject, but the reality is, back to school can mean thousands of children  being exposed to head lice.  Children by their very nature love to play closely with other children–rolling around on the floor together, heads close to one another as they work on projects, and eagerly sharing one another’s hats and caps.   Parents dread the idea of receiving that letter from the school nurse stating that a case of head lice is going around school, or worse, your own child has lice.  Years ago, my own child came home with ‘The Letter’–turned out she had nothing more than a mild case of dandruff, but it’s tough not to panic as the idea of “what now?”  is foremost in your mind.

For several years mothers, the media, school nurses, and entomologists have been reporting that many head louse populations have become resistant to the chemicals used to treat them.   Preventive treatments with anti-lice agents are not recommended and can lead to illness and persistent itching.

Permethrin and Lindane are  insecticides used to treat head lice infestations. The success rate of Permethrin has dropped, and Lindane, which is toxic to humans, has been known to cause seizures, and temporary paralysis. Lindane has been used both as an agricultural insecticide and as a pharmaceutical treatment for lice and scabies.  The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies Lindane as “moderately hazardous”.

Taking into consideration the information I’ve come across on the Internet about the chems used to treat head lice, I’ve wondered if there isn’t a more natural, safer, and simpler way to attack this plague. Do it yourself treatments use plant oils such as olive oil, eucalyptus, tea tree, geranium and lavender, which make the hair shaft slippery and difficult for lice to cling to. The aromatic properties of these oils also repel the lice. It sounds to me that if possible, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should be our modus operandi here.  Obviously, we would caution our children to refrain from sharing hats, caps, combs, hair bows, etc., but are there any other precautions we should be taking?

J.R.Liggett’s Shampoo bars  have for years been touted as a real preventative for these tiny nasty creatures.  It has to do with the natural vegetable oils, olive, castor, and coconut oils in a non-detergent base that the head lice don’t like.  All six different shampoo bars that J.R.Liggett offers, contain olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.  The Tea Tree shampoo bar formula works well for dermatological issues, and the Ultra Balanced shampoo bar is unscented.  We recommend using these on your children’s hair before they get infected and they will stand a good chance of coming through the season with out a single “nit”.

Over a year ago, a user of J.R.Liggett’s shampoo bar left a Facebook comment referring to being proactive in preventing head lice: “We learned our lesson last year–the hard way–twice!  Thanks to your shampoo Jim, this year we’re A.O.K.!

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Once Upon A Time

“Once upon a time, Americans enjoyed hard work…”  So goes the title of chapter three in author and artist’s Eric Sloan’s book, Once Upon a Time-The way America was.  What admirable attributes did previous hard-working generations have?  Yesterday, my husband and I had the privilege of watching reenactments of various elements of life and labor on a farm as it would have been just a mite over 80 years ago. As I watched the men working on that hot day, I realized the drive and determination these folks had to possess to make an everyday living and to put food on the table on a daily basis.  I thought to myself, those old farmers knew how to work… and how to live.


Steadfast, generous, truthful, with good morals and integrity. They showed thriftiness, making do with meager possessions, passing them down, and wearing them out.  For the most part, a person stood strong through the trials of life, sharing their abundance (or in many instances, their “hardly enough”) with those who had less or none. A person’s word was a contract; folks knew dishonesty was not only downright wrong, but they also knew lies could ruin a family’s reputation for future generations… word gets around, you know.

“Once upon a time, Americans were frugal…”  Eric Sloan writes; ” Waste was once deplorable, considered bad manners… the mark of a fool and something quite un-American. Nothing, once upon a time, was wasted.”   When the recipe for J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar fell from that old New England cookbook and fluttered to the floor, a snippet of the honest, hard-working generations of the past stepped into the present. A recipe for washing one’s hair; and after a tad of tweaking and smidge of fine-tuning, an opportunity for you and I to recapture in spirit the ideals of long ago… old-fashioned? You bet!  But always in style.

Good and common sense never goes out of style… A mild, multi-tasking shampoo bar, using clean, crystal clear waters sprung from an old earth. Made from all natural ingredients that we can trust not to harm the rivers or streams. Thrifty in form and use; replacing a plastic bottle-filled liquid of unpronounceable chemicals that strip your hair of its own healthy and necessary oils. Handy to use in home or for travel. Wise and wonderful, excellent for a body soap and shaving, this bar rings true and honest, no frills… just hard-working craftsmanship.

For you, for today and tomorrow… grab your slice of the past, the spirit of pride and honesty. Order J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar here.

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Stepping back in time just for a few moments…

It was a hot day on the old Plains… here I am tentively petting a horse and holding a jar of homemade wild plum jelly… Yum!

Free to be… Unscented!

I have to admit, I prefer scented products. Whether they’re luscious and fruity like lemons or flower-based, I prefer a fragrance over “nothing” any day, because frankly, I enjoy coming out “smelling like a rose”.  I’ll even mix scents, which is a no-no– I don’t care I’ll wear all of ’em!

I realized the other day, I’ve been a tad biased towards those who prefer to be “scent- free”.  I realized that in our society, we seem to have an obsession with being perfumed all our breathing moments.  We have scented homes, scented detergents and dryer sheets, and a whole slew of scented body products… enough already!  Sure we should be clean, but why perfumed?  And what about those with breathing or skin allergies?  It’s a coughing nightmare to have a close encounter of the saturated kind whether it’s just being in close proximity or in an enclosed room. 

Break free & breathe!  Free as a soft breeze through your bedroom window on a summer’s night in the country, or on a grassy hilltop on a sunny spring day. Just like a whisper of  wind across the ocean, or a crisp fall day in the mountains, J.R.LIGGETT’S  understands your need for fresh, fragrance-free products and delivers on that concept in four arenas:

The Ultra-Balanced Shampoo Bar: Formula is the key here; jojoba–that ‘wonder’ oil that is closest to our own natural hair oil, is the main ingredient and the essence of the Ultra-Balanced Bar. Jojoba normalizes your hair’s moisture and maintains it’s balance, so it works for all people, all hair types. Hair too oily? It tones it down. Too dry? It enhances oil production. Huge additional bonus:  un-scented– therefore it’s simply terrific for skin and breathing allergies. We’re bombarded with enough aromas throughout the day, that it’s refreshing not be presented with one more hit on the olfactory senses. Sparkling fresh New Hampshire spring water, soothing almond oil, olive oil, moisturizing castor oil, coconut oil and sodium hydroxide (a binder) complete the ingredients of the Ultra-Balanced bar, enabling your hair to simply fall into place and be at its natural best. For all this bar does, you are not going to want to use anything else. Shine, baby, shine!

J.R.LIGGETT’S Foam Face & Body Wash  (Unscented? Reach for the clouds!): Our new non-detergent Foam Face & Body Wash is nothing short of sensational. Sooo moisturising!  It gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin while at the same time deposits a healing layer of truly unique oils that readily absorb into your skin, leaving your skin soft, luxurious and healthy.  The ingredients are simple: saponified olive oil, coconut oil,and castor oil with safflower oil, almond oil, hemp or jojoba oil and vit. E – No Detergents  This 1.7oz. foamer is terrific as a travel size. We also offer a 16oz. Refill to promote a reusable/ recyclable alternative in this disposable oriented world.

J.R.LIGGETT’S Moisturising Body ScrubSalt crystals from the oceans of the world combined with the most luxurious, healing and moisturising oils make this product a true indulgence to be enjoyed.  Energizing crystals of sea salt are combined with specially ground walnut-shell powder which acts as a light abrasive on your skin to exfoliate the outermost layer of dead skin.  This gentle exfoliation of the skin allows the pores to open and breathe, to be fully receptive to the healing oils that make our moisturizing body scrub so tantalizing.  Safflower oil, Almond oil, Hemp seed oil or Jojoba oil  , and Vitamin E combine to feed your skin all of the natural, healthy, life-promoting properties these luxurious oils possess. For your added safety we use only natural scents derived from pure essential oils and natural fragrances (also comes unscented).  Your skin readily absorbs these luxurious oils after being cleansed and exfoliated. The results are extremely moisturising and softening.  Rub the mixture in small circular motions all over your body, warm water rinse, and towel dry.  Enjoy the most sensuous, soft, and healthy skin you have ever imagined. Normally no additional moisturisers are required. It’s great to use after being in the sun.  Each Body Scrub comes in a beautiful, recyclable, contoured 13 ounce glass jar to ensure its purity.

Nanak’s Lip Smoothee:  Our good friend Sananda has been making these wonderful, high-quality, all-natural “Nanak’s” products now for nearly 30 years, and I felt it was a good idea to introduce them to our loyal customers.  Nanak’s Lip Smoothees help heal chapped lips while protecting the lips from windy and sunny conditions. Each of the four flavors (also unscented) are rated SPF 10. The beeswax that is used in this product makes them especially terrific.

You’re off to a great start, a clean, fragrance-free adventure! Easy order just by clicking on each product’s name in red.  Don’t hesitate, do it today!

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The photo above?  Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Joy Richter  2012                                         ©copyright 2012 J.R.LIGGETT

Plant a Tree… For Tomorrow

“A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.”  D. Elton Trueblood

At our new home, my husband and I recently planted two young trees. One is a Flowering Crab apple placed to the east of the patio, the other, a Sawtooth Oak placed to the south of our house. When we stopped in at the nursery, we examined the trees that were available, taking into consideration the planting location, the growth characteristics and the full height of the mature tree.  After a bit of arguing discussion, we settled on those two species, confident that we had made the best choice. Then we looked at each other and laughed… we’ll most likely not be the ones who enjoy the full-blown mature shade of these trees.  But we do it anyway, because we know that what we do now isn’t just for us–for the here and now– but for the enjoyment and good of those who will live here after we are gone.

J.R.LIGGETT’S embraces this philosophy–this idea of we do what is right for the world now— because of the repercussions that will play out in the future.  His all-natural shampoo bar made with healthy, formula-specific vegetable-based oils, pure, clean, clear New Hampshire spring water, no animal by-products, no animal testing, no preservatives, and no strange, unpronounceable chemicals. 100% bio-degradable,  it simply will not harm the fish in the streams, and even the bar wrapper is 100% plant-based bio-degradable.  No waste with this bar… no liquid to run down the drain, no liquid to spill, and no plastic bottle to add to the landfill.  The shampoo works into a luxurious lather, yet rinses out clean and easily… uses less of the earth’s precious water!  Your hair is fresh and clean with body and manageability.  Made in the USA, all for you– but at the same time, for the future.  J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar is the “shade tree” that’s planted now, with tomorrow in mind.

And just like our current United States Olympians, J.R. has applied hard work, dedication, technique, strategy and focus, resulting in a great product that we all can partake of and be in the presence of something bigger than ourselves.  Together, we can win this… together, we can come out on top of the game.

Join in with J.R.LIGGETT’S to make a difference for the future–for the world!

Joy Richter  2012                                   ©copyright 2012 J.R.LIGGETT

Note: the photo above was taken at my Father-in-law’s ranch where I lived for seven years. This beautiful Maple tree was planted over 50 years ago, and family and friends have enjoyed its shade and changing colors throughout the years.

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