From his 100% natural, bio-degradable, six formulation-specific Shampoo Bars, to Foam Face & Body Washes in four refreshing and invigorating scents, Moisturizing Shaving Foam, Body Scrubs, Spray Body Oils, ‘A Natural Traveler’, ‘Mini Traveler’, and the ‘eZ-pouch’, J.R.LIGGETT LTD has your body and traveling needs covered!

Nearly 30 years ago, J.R.LIGGETT discovered an Old New England recipe for a bar shampoo. After a bit of tweaking and refining, he began making the shampoo for his friends and family. Word spread, and here we are today, having sold hundreds of thousands of a totally natural, environmentally friendly shampoo bar. Made of edible, natural oils that won’t strip your hair’s own natural oils, but cleans gently leaving beautiful, soft, shining hair.

Sold all over the United States and distributed in two foreign countries, this 100% hand-made shampoo bar is truly, the best shampoo you will ever use!


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