Free to be… Unscented!

I have to admit, I prefer scented products. Whether they’re luscious and fruity like lemons or flower-based, I prefer a fragrance over “nothing” any day, because frankly, I enjoy coming out “smelling like a rose”.  I’ll even mix scents, which is a no-no– I don’t care I’ll wear all of ’em!

I realized the other day, I’ve been a tad biased towards those who prefer to be “scent- free”.  I realized that in our society, we seem to have an obsession with being perfumed all our breathing moments.  We have scented homes, scented detergents and dryer sheets, and a whole slew of scented body products… enough already!  Sure we should be clean, but why perfumed?  And what about those with breathing or skin allergies?  It’s a coughing nightmare to have a close encounter of the saturated kind whether it’s just being in close proximity or in an enclosed room. 

Break free & breathe!  Free as a soft breeze through your bedroom window on a summer’s night in the country, or on a grassy hilltop on a sunny spring day. Just like a whisper of  wind across the ocean, or a crisp fall day in the mountains, J.R.LIGGETT’S  understands your need for fresh, fragrance-free products and delivers on that concept in four arenas:

The Ultra-Balanced Shampoo Bar: Formula is the key here; jojoba–that ‘wonder’ oil that is closest to our own natural hair oil, is the main ingredient and the essence of the Ultra-Balanced Bar. Jojoba normalizes your hair’s moisture and maintains it’s balance, so it works for all people, all hair types. Hair too oily? It tones it down. Too dry? It enhances oil production. Huge additional bonus:  un-scented– therefore it’s simply terrific for skin and breathing allergies. We’re bombarded with enough aromas throughout the day, that it’s refreshing not be presented with one more hit on the olfactory senses. Sparkling fresh New Hampshire spring water, soothing almond oil, olive oil, moisturizing castor oil, coconut oil and sodium hydroxide (a binder) complete the ingredients of the Ultra-Balanced bar, enabling your hair to simply fall into place and be at its natural best. For all this bar does, you are not going to want to use anything else. Shine, baby, shine!

J.R.LIGGETT’S Foam Face & Body Wash  (Unscented? Reach for the clouds!): Our new non-detergent Foam Face & Body Wash is nothing short of sensational. Sooo moisturising!  It gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin while at the same time deposits a healing layer of truly unique oils that readily absorb into your skin, leaving your skin soft, luxurious and healthy.  The ingredients are simple: saponified olive oil, coconut oil,and castor oil with safflower oil, almond oil, hemp or jojoba oil and vit. E – No Detergents  This 1.7oz. foamer is terrific as a travel size. We also offer a 16oz. Refill to promote a reusable/ recyclable alternative in this disposable oriented world.

J.R.LIGGETT’S Moisturising Body ScrubSalt crystals from the oceans of the world combined with the most luxurious, healing and moisturising oils make this product a true indulgence to be enjoyed.  Energizing crystals of sea salt are combined with specially ground walnut-shell powder which acts as a light abrasive on your skin to exfoliate the outermost layer of dead skin.  This gentle exfoliation of the skin allows the pores to open and breathe, to be fully receptive to the healing oils that make our moisturizing body scrub so tantalizing.  Safflower oil, Almond oil, Hemp seed oil or Jojoba oil  , and Vitamin E combine to feed your skin all of the natural, healthy, life-promoting properties these luxurious oils possess. For your added safety we use only natural scents derived from pure essential oils and natural fragrances (also comes unscented).  Your skin readily absorbs these luxurious oils after being cleansed and exfoliated. The results are extremely moisturising and softening.  Rub the mixture in small circular motions all over your body, warm water rinse, and towel dry.  Enjoy the most sensuous, soft, and healthy skin you have ever imagined. Normally no additional moisturisers are required. It’s great to use after being in the sun.  Each Body Scrub comes in a beautiful, recyclable, contoured 13 ounce glass jar to ensure its purity.

Nanak’s Lip Smoothee:  Our good friend Sananda has been making these wonderful, high-quality, all-natural “Nanak’s” products now for nearly 30 years, and I felt it was a good idea to introduce them to our loyal customers.  Nanak’s Lip Smoothees help heal chapped lips while protecting the lips from windy and sunny conditions. Each of the four flavors (also unscented) are rated SPF 10. The beeswax that is used in this product makes them especially terrific.

You’re off to a great start, a clean, fragrance-free adventure! Easy order just by clicking on each product’s name in red.  Don’t hesitate, do it today!

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The photo above?  Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Joy Richter  2012                                         ©copyright 2012 J.R.LIGGETT


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