J.R.’s Home Town… What’s The Draw?

You may remember J.R. writing about his little jaunt down memory lane two summers ago…   High School reunion time–a scary event for a lot of us, but things turned out great and J.R. was able to share with old and new friends the intriguing story of the inception of his terrific shampoo bar and acquire a few new customers too!

The small town J.R. grew up in, is the town where I now live… McCook, Nebraska, population 7,465. What’s the draw?  Sure, there is family and old familiar friends, but small town life and values also played a big part in my choice–the strong, solid, down-to-earth values  that J.R. grew up with are what you’ll find comprise the inner core of his business philosophy and products: friends helping friends when they see a need, care of community, truth and honesty in everyday business dealings, diligent, conscientious work done with pride, value and quality, a spirit of generosity, appreciation of family ties and sacrifices made for the good of all.

As I step out on my front porch, I see and hear the signs of a vibrant life and town everywhere… children walking home from the school just two blocks down the street, young teens on skateboards,  parents out for a walk– stroller front and center; pulling a toddler in a wagon and dog in tow. Don’t miss the Little League ball game tonight where Grandparents and assorted relations cheer their favorite team on, and this weekend, you can catch the community band concert in the city park bandshell, or for different tastes, take in the county fair and rodeo.  And speaking of tastes, the local bakery (second generation) houses a cool little cafe/coffee establishment  featuring singers and musicians.  Weary of impersonal chain stores containing aisle after aisle of over-promoted products?  In “our town”, it’s commonplace to step into a laid-back specialty business where the owner’s dog or cat will lazily rise to it’s feet to fulfill it’s job as friendly official store greeter.  Here, local banks are still locally owned, and don’t be surprised to find yourself being introduced to and shaking hands with the great-grandson or great-granddaughter of one of the town’s founding, prominent businessmen.

The profusion of early century homes are intriguing in their own unique way; home owners are fearless in combining vibrant yet eye-pleasing colors to make the most of architectural details such as hand-crafted polished wood doors, and beautiful, oval stained glass windows. In our town, we take a well-deserved breather in the evenings to relax on the wide front porches and indulge in friendly chats with  neighbors who might stroll by. Reaching out and caring about others is the smart and right thing to do, you know.  Oh, and that pretty Tabby peering out from under your Spiraea bushes? She’s a rescue cat that belongs to the older couple across the street who help out at the local animal shelter. There is community in caring.

No matter where or how you live, I believe there’s a “small town” in all of us. We all appreciate and desire the comradare of a close-knit neighborhood and it’s aura of comfort and protection– where folks have a genuine sense of care and concern for our well-being.  And you know, it’s the same with J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar and body products; behind every carefully hand-made bar of shampoo–each with a unique “personality”–just like you and me– is the mind-set of a strong sense of “doing right” by you and me.  Using the right products, in the right way, for the right reasons–for the good of us all. 

This Monday–May 28th, today–do the right thing. Across the United States we honor the men and women–husbands, fathers, sons, wives and daughters,  who have courageously fought and served our country since it’s humble but proud beginnings.  Memorial Day is a special day to honor those who serve.  J.R.LIGGETT’S offers a 30% discount on each APO order–always.  It’s J.R.’s way of thanking the Military.  Is there someone you would like to show your appreciation? Click HERE.

Joy Richter  2012                                 ©copyright 2012 J.R.LIGGETT

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I've been interested in all things natural my entire life. Not just a healthy lifestyle, but a respect and love for nature too. Since I discovered JRLIGGETT'S products, I've been an ardent admirer and user. Do I love his shampoo bar? How much time do you have?

2 responses to “J.R.’s Home Town… What’s The Draw?”

  1. Lea Splane says :

    I found your shampoo bar in our local natural food store. I was looking for something natural, as all the other shampoos I was using were making my head itch. So I have been using the bar for a couple of months and I love it. I don’t even need conditioner. One suggestion: when it gets down to a sliver,wet down the top of the new bar and stick the sliver on top. It will melt together and you will never waste it. We do that with our body soap bars. Love the shampoo bar!

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