Official Store Greeter Gives a ‘Paws Up’ for Fergie’s

‘My Dog Fergie’s Shampoo’ Profile:

Who: ‘Ace’

What: Official Store Greeter, day shift.  Experienced Ranch Hand after hours & on weekends.

About: Sleeps on his back with all 4 feet up, sits in recliner to watch TV, sneaks cat food in the middle of the night, has a beautiful long-legged Border Collie girlfriend named Gina Belle.

His ‘Go To’ Shampoo: ‘Fergie’s’, of course!

“Ace here…  I’ve agreed to be interviewed by Joy about how much I love ‘My Dog Fergie’s Shampoo’ My human mom, Nancy, first began using Fergie’s on me about 2 years ago. Joy had shared with Mom about J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar, Foam Face & Body Wash,  Shaving Foam, and of course, Fergie’s shampoo.  Mom owns a store near Joy, and Joy thought J.R.LIGGETT’S products would be a perfect fit.  Okay, that’s the background information, now let’s get to the meat of my story…”

“I don’t profess to be the brightest dog on the planet, but Mom says I’m certainly in the running for the cleanest! See, I’m a farm and ranch dog by trade, and our kind don’t take too kindly to anything frilly or hoity-toity… that’s country speak for “if yer tryin’ to act fancy and pull my leg, it just ain’t gonna work!” In other words, we’re  ‘down home’ around here, and we appreciate honesty, integrity, quality, and a strong work ethic… just like J.R.LIGGETT’S does!  Word travels fast around these parts, so you’ve gotta keep yer nose clean, if you know what I mean. We like to look a person in the eye when we’re speaking to ’em–or, chewin’ on ’em…”

“So here’s the nitty gritty… My day job through the week is Official Store Greeter for Doggone Good Antiques & More–that’s Mom’s store. So’s since I’m the first ‘thing’ (er, I prefer to think of myself as a ‘person’) a customer sees when she opens the door, I simply must look my best. Enter ‘Fergie’s’… or rather, ‘My Dog Fergie’s Shampoo’.  Seems J.R.LIGGETT first tried this out on his sweet little Fox Terrier ‘Fergie’ a few years back. It passed the Fergie Test… made her all clean, soft, fluffy… you know, pettable–and that’s good enough for me!  See, Fergie’s is made from a whole lotta goodness… Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, lavender oil, and something awesome called Neem Oil.  Neem oil is a natural insect repellant against fleas, ticks, and biting insects.  It’s also effective in the treatment of mange and can be safely used on most animals. And Fergie’s doesn’t strip my natural, needed body oils. I’m sure you’ve seen some canines just a-itchin’ an a-scratchin’… no sir, no more of that misery for me!” 

“But I’m into keepin’ it real here, so’s I’m gonna let you in on a couple of my ‘guilty pleasures’… when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 5, and the store’s locked up tighter than a drum, I head back out to th’ ranch north of town. Then, real quick like, I glance from side to side, sneak off, and take a big old roll in a cow pie!  I know, I know…  it’s not a pretty sight and I don’t smell too good, but there’s nothin’ like tip-toein’ around the corrals after the cattle have skee-daddled and findin’ m’self a fresh one and just dive right in!  Oh, that is country livin’ at it’s finest!  And then another trick I dew when Mom’s got her head turned, is to lounge around in greasy, oily dirt on the concrete floor of her work building. It used to be an auto repair shop in a former life, so we’re talkin’ Big Time Grime here. When Mom finally discovers what hi-jinks I’ve been up to, out comes the washtub, a scrub brush and Fergie’s.  She fills the tub with lots of warm water, rolls up her sleeves, drops me in, and goes to work, just a-rubbin’ and a-scrubbin’.  Next thang ya know, I’m all shiny, soft, and fluffy! Clean in one wash and smellin’ as fresh as a daisy!  Mom also says Fergie’s helps keep me odor-free… real important if you’re a professional like I am. Take a closer look at my portrait at the top… don’t I look as good as all get out?”

“So now that you’ve got the skinny on the best dog shampoo known to man or (gulp!) ‘beast’, I know you’re gonna want to get some fur your best pal… go ahead, place an order–it’s real easy!  Take it from me– ‘Ace’– it’s the best stuff ever, and that ain’t no lie. It’s official… My Dog Fergie’s Shampoo gets a hearty ‘paws up’ from this old country boy!”

Joy Richter  2012                 ©copyright 2012 J.R.LIGGETT LTD


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