Time is running out… 25% off all J.R.LIGGETT products!

Just a short time left to take advantage of the awesome discount for J.R.LIGGETT’S products!  Easy to do, no hassle, one stop shopping and bam! You’re good to go!   Offer expires Tuesday 12:00 midnight, November 29th, 2011.  Enter coupon # C-112011025 in the order form at check out.  Just click here!

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About jrliggettsblog

I've been interested in all things natural my entire life. Not just a healthy lifestyle, but a respect and love for nature too. Since I discovered JRLIGGETT'S products, I've been an ardent admirer and user. Do I love his shampoo bar? How much time do you have?

One response to “Time is running out… 25% off all J.R.LIGGETT products!”

  1. Floyd says :

    My favorite is the shave foam. Shake, one pump, and it’s slick.

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