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Time is running out… 25% off all J.R.LIGGETT products!

Just a short time left to take advantage of the awesome discount for J.R.LIGGETT’S products!  Easy to do, no hassle, one stop shopping and bam! You’re good to go!   Offer expires Tuesday 12:00 midnight, November 29th, 2011.  Enter coupon # C-112011025 in the order form at check out.  Just click here!

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J.R.LIGGETT’S couldn’t make shopping any easier!  Read the post below for cool tips and gift ideas.  Christmas is going to be soooo much fun!

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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

It’s crunch day kids, are you ready to roll?

Never mind that my power-boosting oatmeal looks like wallpaper paste, are you pumped and ready to shop J.R.LIGGETT’S?  Nab that extreme coupon deal while you still have the chance…  HERE

Combo-licious!  Stumped for choices? No Way!  J.R.LIGGETT’S got it covered!  If you have hair on your head, (or even no hair!), J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bars are unequivocally, perfect for everyone on your gift list.  Santa’s not keeping this secret under wraps, read here for the lowdown on what’s good for all those who have been nice, and very, nice… okay, even if you’ve been naughty, you can score a gift too.

One stop shopping at … pretty simple, just a few clicks and you’re good to go.  No crowds, no traffic, not even one harried salesperson. Bonus: you can check off your list while you relax in your jammies.  Anyone would welcome an array of Foam Face & Body Washes; White Sage, Un-Scented (perfect for skin sensitivities or if you don’t want your body wash to clash with your favorite scent), Western Slope, and Lemon-Lime. Remember, all Foamers are SLS free, and wonderfully moisturizing. Beautiful labels to boot–these would be a real stand-out in anyone’s bathroom.  Tip: Not just for the shower area, place these next to the bathroom or kitchen sink.  Go ahead and order the 16 oz. refill (any scent) while you’re at it. Send back your empty and J.R. will refill for just $15.99! Makes cents!

J.R. recently introduced a handy travel sized, full 1.5 oz. Shaving Foam. Great to throw in your kit for on the go needs, or if you wish, combine with ‘A Natural Traveler’, the regular sized 7 oz. Shaving Foam and J.R.LIGGETT’S Ultra-Balanced Shampoo Bar, and you’ve covered a lot of ground. For your husband, wife, friend, brother, and especially anyone with sensitive skin issues, the 100% detergent-free shaving foam is lightly scented and just smells clean! The Ultra-Balanced bar is un-scented and perfect for all hair types. Tip: Great for expectant Moms who may be having scent-sensitivity issues in their early trimester. 

The holidaze mean guests abound! Don’t be a lazy host or hostess, think and plan ahead for their comfort and joy! (My name is sooo appropriate this time of year…) Order real quick-like and have a sweet little array of the travel size Foam Face & Body Washes just for them… stash ’em in a pretty little basket so’s they can tote it  into the guest bath, and at the end of their stay, right back home.   A slim, silver container of J.R.LIGGETT’S Body Spray and the aforementioned Ultra-Balanced bar makes a guest feel pampered and welcome.  You are soooo thoughtful!

I keep rattling on about the Ultra Balanced Shampoo Bar, but don’t forget the other scents:   Herbal, Original, Damaged Hair Formula, Tea Tree & Hemp Oil, and my fave, Peppermint and Jojoba. All contain 100% natural, edible oils, no petroleum-based detergents, no SLS or DEA,  no animal products, no animal testing and made with pure, New Hampshire spring water.  Multi-tasking, minimal packaging, and bio-degradable… in one word–perfect for you, me, the environment. It’s win-win on all fronts!  Tip: place several unwrapped bars of Peppermint and Jojoba in a pretty dish for a lovely, enticing, fresh, breezy scent in the bathroom.

Okay, admit it, your pet likes to open gifts…especially after you’ve left the house.  Let them discover something they can really appreciate: “My Dog Fergie’s Shampoo”.  Completely non-detergent and won’t strip away all the healthy, natural oils from a dog’s skin and coat. Fergie’s contains Neem oil, a natural fea, tick, and insect repellent. Fergie and her friends swear by it’s mildness and effectivness. It’s totally “paws up”!

Done!  You’ve knocked off that gift list in no time flat!  You’ve beat Santa to the punch! Now it’s time to move on to more important things… like kicking back with your (my) favorite brew… Who knew expressing gratitude could be so easy?

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Thanks & Giving: Two words, not one.

Welcome Home

Two words, considered separately, can provide a bit of a twist during this week and as long thereafter as you would like…

We give thanks for all we have, and check off our list; health is usually at the top, a job (definitely!), home (ditto), family, friends, food, clothing, transportation. We stand and recite,  but how about a little paradigm shift here and we become pro-active? Step away from our ego-centered selves and decide to give to others, so others could give thanks?

Could you help someone disabled and pick up a few items for them at the market when you do your own food shopping? Fix a broken faucet, a broken window, or listen to the broken-hearted? Giving of our time makes an incredible impact on another’s life. What could you do so others were thanking you?

And if you are on the receiving end, who could you thank?  Grandparents for their wisdom and acceptance? A neighbor who picks up your child from school when you aren’t able? I recall the statement, “If you can read and write, thank a teacher.” Is there a special teacher who changed your life, or even just believed in your abilities and encouraged you?  Make this Thanksgiving a time of acknowledgment and praise.

Two simple words… “thanks” and “giving”. This time of year, perhaps more than any other time of the year, J.R.LIGGETT Ltd. wants to thank you, whether you are a long time customer of nearly 30 years, 20 years, or even 2 days. A business is nothing without customers, and J.R.LIGGETT’S appreciates their customers immensely… 6 blog Followers and 1, 479 Facebook Followers (and counting!) We are immeasurably honored!

We know this time of year can be hectic and wearing on your psyche… the idea of one stop shopping appeals to all of us. Are you aware that while you’re pushing your cart around Whole Foods Markets, you can stroll on over to their Whole Body department and pick up J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bars?  It can be that easy. You know you can trust Whole Foods Markets to provide the highest quality natural and organic products, and J.R.LIGGETT’S has met and exceeded Whole Foods strict criteria for uncompromising quality and purity for their natural body care line.  With 40 stores throughout the United States, 7 locations in Canada, and 6 in the United Kingdom, I’d say you’re pretty well covered. Also, don’t forget to support your local natural food stores that carry J.R.LIGGETT’S…  Those unique stores tucked here and there through-out the country are a vital part of a healthy business and family community.

And for Thanksgiving travel, toss in J.R.LIGGETT’S ‘A Natural Traveler’ with the accompanying Shampoo Bar, or J.R.LIGGETT’S Mini Traveler in your carry-on.  Both are wise choices if you are looking for an easy and simple way to breeze through TSA regulations–no liquid shampoos for you– you’ve got the hair and body washing needs covered with just one product; even comes in handy for a quick, light garment rinse out.  Nothing  to spill or waste, it’s always portion-perfect, never a problem–hey, we know you don’t need anymore problems.  J.R.LIGGETT’S makes it soooo easy, so simple, so smart!

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday Combo-licious Coupon! Delivered to your in-box via Constant Contact, this will be our last huge discount available before the end of 2011.  Coupon begins on Thursday, the 24th.  Details? Sign up for coupons here.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Another Satisfied User… Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

I’m always curious as to how and when users and admirers of J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar first discover the product– their ‘Eureka’ moment when they realize after months or even sometimes years of searching, they have found ‘it’. Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven, a pianist and semi-retired Music Director who occasionally travels out of the country and currently resides on Whidbey Island, Washington, had been doing an Internet search “for quite some time” looking for the perfect shampoo bar…

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

“When I first started looking, I remembered that there was some form of shampoo bar out there, but I wasn’t sure if it was good for my hair or not and where I could find it. I came across the J.R.LIGGETT company and noticed that there were several different formulas of shampoo bars. I researched pretty carefully, reading reviews on and off the site, and I even looked on to see if the shampoo bar was sold there and what people were saying about it. Seeing positive reviews, I decided to go ahead and give it a try and see if it would work.”     “I found the cost of J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar a little bit lower than a lot of the other shampoo bars out there, also, it was simply packaged and seemed not to have a lot of bells and whistles, which I thought to be sensible.”

“I’ve just started using the Herbal formula as I was attracted to it because I’m a real nut for cedar and rosemary. I like those kinds of scents around the house, so I thought that would be a good way to start. I thought if I could use that particular shampoo bar with a little more scent to it, surely I could use the other ones. When I first started using the bar, it took a little while to get to where I understood how to lather it up right, as it’s been a long time since I’ve even had a bar of soap in the house. I had to sort of  ‘go back in memory’, figure out how to make the best lather out of it, and how much to use on my hair. At first, I had a little trouble with it, I didn’t think I properly lathered it, but the second time I did just fine–I had plenty of suds. You know we always feel like we’re cleaner if we have more suds, although that’s not necessarily true. I was very pleased with the results. “The shampoo rinsed out really fast and clean, leaving my very light and fine hair shiny, full of body, softly scented, and very easy to comb through.”

“In general, I haven’t had any scalp issues, but I do have sensitive skin. Just about anything can make me break out, so that is something I have to be careful with. I haven’t had any problems with the shampoo bar on my skin at all, and that’s a good sign. My husband has very thick and beautiful hair, and I’m anxious for him to try the Jojoba & Peppermint.”

“I wanted to give the shampoo bar a try at home first to make sure it works. We recently moved and drove quite a long way through a number of states. We ended up here in Washington with it’s hard water and that really took a toll on my hair. There are different amounts of chlorine in the water wherever you go, and my hair was kind of a wreck for awhile. I wanted to be sure that when we did travel, I had a shampoo that works in a variety of waters.” “I went ahead and tried J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar with our hard water, and it worked fine.” “Since I’m a musician, I’ve done a bit of traveling. My husband is retired and now we’re both planning on traveling, and we wanted to take our favorite shampoo with us, but we didn’t want the hassle of carrying liquids through security nor the danger of spilling, so this shampoo bar is a plus. I’m going to be telling my oldest brother about the Shampoo Bar because I believe he would feel the same as I do about the bar; simple packaging, easy on the hair, and just one product. Certainly after my experience, if anyone tells me they’re having trouble finding the right shampoo, I know I’ll recommend this Shampoo Bar as I like it really well.”

Even though J.R.LIGGETT’S is famously known for their shampoo bar, Kathleen also tried the White Sage Body Oil and had wonderful results. “The delightfully fragranced body oil spray has replaced my skin cream and facial moisturizer. Dry skin is a problem for me, especially in the winter time, but I dislike using lotion on my skin as it leaves it sticky and is then difficult to get dressed. I have always preferred body oils after my bath, but I have found them to not be as effective as the lotions. I decided to give the body oil another try when I ordered my shampoo bar and I really like the way the body oil felt and smelled, so I also tried it on my face and achieved great success.”

On-line security is tremendously important, and after a bit of hesitation and concern on Kathleen‘s part, she placed an order and was delightfully reassured of J.R.LIGGETT‘S commitment to trust and honesty. “Overall, I have been very impressed from the start with J.R.LIGGETT LTD. I originally had some qualms about ordering as I try not to let my credit card number out too often on the Internet. I first went on the site, put something in my cart, and thought, “Hmmm, they don’t take Pay Pal, what will I do?” I went away and thought about it for awhile and then decided, “I’m just going to go ahead and give it a try and cross my fingers…” Immediately, I was just fine with the ordering process because right after placing my order, I received a very professionally worded e-mail confirmation, and then, when my package was on it’s way–which was actually the very next day–I got another e-mail confirmation for shipping. I thought, “Well, for a smaller company, that is quite impressive.” This made me feel that when they are handling things that professionally on their end, I was not going to have any trouble with my credit card and the products and quality would be backed. From that standpoint, I felt very good about the professionalism. It’s been a pleasant experience all the way, it’s nice to have that good feeling, and I don’t feel like I’ve been bombarded with lots of e-mails and advertising.”  “J.R.LIGGETT’S is a company I would definitely deal with (again) and recommend.”

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Into the Woods With J.R.LIGGETT’S: ‘A Natural Traveler’ Struts It’s Stuff

The Northeast  U.S. may have recently seen a snowstorm, but a couple of weeks ago in the Missouri Ozarks– The Mark Twain National Forest to be exact– warm temps and colorful fall leaves greeted me on a late season camping trip with family.   My personal mission was to put  ‘A Natural Traveler’ to the test.  Was it as good as it was cracked up to be?  Was it convenient?  Was it a great way to keep my shampoo bar dry, handy, and free of debris?  Would it repel bears?  Sure I could use it for showering, but what about washing up the camp dishes and in a pinch, washing out an article of clothing?  Time to put this puppy to the test.

A day of hiking, exploring, and discovering…(and just generally kicking through the leaves and keeping an eye out for Mountain Lions), this was one of the most invigorating yet relaxing times I’d had in years. We spied the Pileated Woodpecker, “a spectacular, crow-sized woodpecker with a flaming red crest” ( ‘Eastern Birds’ by Roger Tory Peterson), swooping from tree to tree, having been startled by our presence.  The thickets of freshly scented mature Pine and Oak trees obstructed an open view of the sky, and gray squirrels jumped from tree to tree keeping pace ahead of us. Once, upon reaching a pond, a  flock of approximately 25 egrets silently rose up and disappeared into the trees, and at our feet, and we heard the “plunk-plunking” sound of small frogs escaping into the water. The serenity and beauty of the natural surroundings was like a magnificent gift and I relished in the richness and beauty  of it.

 A long day, miles of walking, and back at camp, time to clean up. We had strung up a solar shower earlier that morning, and thanks to the daytime temps in the mid-70’s, a soothing, hot shower awaited.   Test #1 for ‘A Natural Traveler’:  Hanging the container on a hook, (thanks to the handy strap–although I have to admit, I think it could use another inch  in length to facilitate maneuvering the shampoo bar in and out of the container–must pass suggestion on to J.R.), I used the shampoo bar for hair and body and placed it back… no debris, no dirt, no bugs, and with the uniquely designed opening at the top and bottom, air flow was not restricted… the bar was able to dry out nicely.

There is nothing quite like the taste of food cooked over an open campfire… burgers, fried potatoes, and mug of hot coffee stout enough to make your hair stand on end–part of the experience! Fresh water springs abound in the Ozarks, and here, Test #2 for J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar: Washing up in the spring.  Shocked? Don’t be!  J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar is completely biodegradable… won’t hurt the fish, won’t hurt the environment. This is what you pack when you head into the woods.

You really can’t get past it… at some point, you have to wash some dishes. We had our camping coffee pot, we had a handy source of fresh, clean water…  fill ‘er up and place on the ‘burner’. In no time, hot water for washing dishes was ready and we were good to go.

Note here: we used our own cool invention for a ‘fire ring’… a metal wheel frame!  Hmmm… appears that J.R.LIGGETT’S resourcefulness and knack for invention rubs off on his customers– must be something in the air!

K.P. Duty!  Test #3: Could it do the job? You bet! It made a light suds, washed away the mess, and… we didn’t even need a conditioner!  Ha!

We rinsed the dishes, set them out to air dry, and we were off on to…

Test #4:  J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar loves fabric… I don’t know about you, but when I hit the trail, I’m not packing much of a wardrobe–just basic stuff and a limited amount at that. How to plan for those times you might need to rinse out an item of clothing?   Those times you might need some clean socks? Those times you might fall into a pond… up to your knees?  If you’re already packin’  ‘A Natural Traveler’, you’re miles ahead of the other folks!  Just a simple sudsing with the Shampoo Bar, a quick rinse, and nature’s clothesline awaits!   Whew! This was a life saver–the trip was a success!

You know, I had plenty of time for contemplation while on my ‘walk about’; thinking about nature, life, plants, fresh, clean air and water, yes, even J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar…  I thought how perfectly this product fits into life–my life. I use it because I love how it is made with all natural plant oils that do their own, unique ‘thing’; whether it’s healing, moisturizing, or acting as a healthy barrier between me and various organisms. I love the multi-tasking abilities, how I can use it for shampoo or a body soap. I strongly support the absence of SLS, and I simply revel in the scent and the mildness… I totally embrace the idea of the lack of over-packaging and absence of a plastic container. I whole-heartedly ‘buy’ into the premise of J.R.LIGGETT’S, “Total Commitment To Your Body”.  I admire the company’s virtues of honesty, integrity, quality. I’ve never found anything ‘wrong’ about this product.

I invite you to take your own ‘walk in the woods’ and contemplate the virtues of J.R.LIGGETT’S.  And then, come back home, renewed and refreshed, calm and clear-headed, and you will know what to do…make J.R.LIGGETT’S a part of your life.

Joy Richter  2011                              ©copyright 2011 J.R.LIGGETT LTD

Why Take Chances?

Have you read this morning about the furor over the potentially cancer causing chems in Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo?   And here we thought all the scary stuff only happened on Halloween!

“The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has unsuccessfully been urging the world’s largest health care company for 2 1/2 years to remove the trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals — dioxane and a substance called quaternium-15 that releases formaldehyde — from Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, one of its (Johnson & Johnson) signature products.”

J.R.LIGGETT’S has had this one covered for nearly 30 years!   We shared with you recently in ‘Oh Baby!’ how there is a greater uptake of chemicals in that tender little baby skin…   J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar contains all natural and healthy ingredients… plant-based oils that are gentle and nourishing for baby’s skin.

Start ’em out early on a 100% safer alternative to chemically laden shampoos… you might want to start out with the Original Shampoo Bar or the un-scented Ultra-Balanced Shampoo bar and go from there, but no matter which J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bar you choose, you won’t have to deal with any post-Halloween frightening ingredients!

Joy Richter  2011                          ©copyright 2011 J.R.LIGGETT LTD

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