Oh Baby!

Baby in Tub

Babies and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Not a wise combination.  Why?

Being good parents, we want to protect our children from harm, whether it be safety latches on cabinets, gates across the stairs, child proof locks on doors, or any of the other precautions. We want to feed them the healthiest foods, and we hope to give them the best medical care.  As adults with the responsiblity to care for these little ones, we need to think and choose carefully when it comes to skin care products for our children.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a negatively charged detergent and is used all over the world. SLS is the universal standard used to irritate skin in clinical testing so medical researchers can test ingredients to see how fast the skin heals.  It is commonly found in liquid soaps and shampoos, bubble baths, bath and shower gels, and in most toothpaste marketed throughout the world.  SLS has shown penetration into the eyes, as well as systemic tissues (brain, heart, liver, etc.). Because SLS and related substances are widely used in many populations on a daily basis in soaps (think how many times we wash our hands each day! and shampoos, there is an immediate concern relating to the penetration of these chemicals into the eyes and other tissues. This is especially important in infants, where considerable growth is occurring, because a much greater uptake occurs in tissues of younger eyes, and SLS changes the amounts of some proteins in cells from eye tissues. Tissues of young eyes may be more susceptible to alteration by SLS.¹  

A few days ago, as I was doing more research on SLS, I came across conflicting viewpoints. Some were stating that there is such a minute amount of SLS in products, and since they are combined with water and are not on the skin for an indefinite amount of time, they are relatively harmless. One statement read that if SLS was so dangerous and harmful, why is the FDA allowing  it in products?  Hmmm… Federal Drug Administration or good old-fashioned Mom Sense?  I may be exaggerating here a tad, but with the information I’ve come across, I’d way rather err on the side of caution-especially when it comes to my child. Besides, we’re not talking about just one time exposure here to SLS… we’re talking years and involving numerous products over a lifetime. Why not start off on the right foot?  Why not choose products that do not contain a potentially harmful chemical? Aren’t our children worth protecting from what we have do control over?

And yes, now ‘the sell’. But surely it’s not a hard sell.  J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bars (and indeed, all his products) do not contain SLS.  Never have, never will.  So incredibly gentle, with no harmful detergents to strip our natural hair (and skin) oils. Formulated with all natural, edible, plant-based oils to balance baby’s own scalp and body oil, fresh, clean New Hampshire spring water (J.R. claims it’s the best in the country!), and specific herbal properties that address various skin and hair issues and moisturizing ingredients to alleviate dryness. There now… don’t we feel better now?  Doesn’t that make you feel better?  We have a brain, we can make a choice, a wise, healthy choice. Take a look here to choose which one is best for your baby.

“Baby” Size!

And here’s where the fun part comes in–I’m pretty excited about this… J.R.LIGGETT’S  has the most wonderful little shampoo bars that are just perfect for babies–and baby gifts! Yes!  It is true!  This mother would not lie to you!  They are a ‘trial’ sized .65 ounce bar and are so incredibly cute and absolutely perfect to tuck inside a gift sack or roll up inside those darling little baby wash cloths. Add a nice collection of the shampoo bars to a sweet little terry cloth bath towel or bath set. Tuck ’em in some soft little socks… you get the picture Momma!  When the gift is unwrapped and passed around that circle of women (you know the drill), everyone will be talking and asking about the bar. Now you can be a spokesperson for some awesome, healthy goodness for babies– time to share the knowledge–time to share the wisdom.  Tell them you heard it from another mother you know… (winks)!

Tip: J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bars are mildly scented, or not scented at all! Great for expectant mothers who are experiencing that issue of scent-sensitivity in their early trimester. And why not try J.R.LIGGETT’S Body Oils to moisturize skin and help ward off those tummy-stretching marks!

Joy Richter  2011                       ©copyright 2011 J.R.LIGGETT LTD

¹Green, Dr. Keith  “Detergent Penetration Into Young and Adult Eyes” Dept. of Ophthalmology, Medical College of GA, Augusta, GA.  www.zoominfo.com/people/Green_Keith


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  2. Floyd says :

    What can I say? You don’t want to be harsh to baby skin and eyes and hair. Prescious!

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